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Jenis kulit manusia ada pelbagai dan sangat penting untuk setiap kita mengenal pasti jenis kulit kita sendiri.  Tak tahu jenis kulit, macam mana nak rawat rejimen kulit untuk mengekalkan kulit kita sentiasa sihat, bersinar dan halus? Adakah anda tergolong dalam manusia yang beruntung kerana memiliki kulit sihat yang tidak memerlukan rawatan rejimen kulit? Atau pemilik kulit bermasalah seperti kulit kering, berminyak atau pemilik kulit sensitif yang memerlukan rawatan kecantikan .

WHAT IS MY SKIN TYPE – the easy way! (Complete skin care regimen in order)

Serums first, sunscreens last. That’s a no brainer. My kid sister knows that, having watched ‘yours truly’ in action umpteen times. But if I were to present a hamper of 15 products, even a seasoned beautician will have her head in a tizzy unless she is Korean, for Koreans are masters at it. Layering is as much an art as is science. The ‘art’ side is where looks, feel, .

WHAT IS MY SKIN TYPE – the easy way!

There are different skin types and it’s important to know which is yours. Only once you identify this, will you be able to come up with a skin-regimen that ensures smooth, radiant, glowing skin which is the hallmark of any healthy individual. Are we the lucky ones blessed with normal skin which has the right balance of fluids and oils, waltzing through life without having to have a beauty .