ANTI – AGING secrets – for women past 30!

Beauty is never lost. As we get older, it just moves, from face to heart” was the whatsapp greeting I woke up to today.

It felt nice and good. Buy hey wait a minute. Was she inferring I was getting….?  A quick round of scowls and jowls and few model-like poses banished any such ideas. Nah! That wasn’t for me; probably Cythia & Amalia qualify, I thought a little wickedly but I quickly discarded such unkind notions. We are after all best friends!

Laugh lines, dark spots, wrinkles, crow’s feet – indeed are a bothersome thought. But women my age, nah I am not telling, but suffice you to know I am 30 plus, do dread their onset.

But I will be damned if I don’t fight it tooth and nail. I have reduced my afternoon sojourns, I eat all kinds of seasonal fruits, sleep 8 hours and never miss my beauty regimen.

Now I am not big fan of nature’s remedies, not because they don’t work, but ‘coz they are too cumbersome to make and I simply do not have the time nor the patience. I have always been a go-gurl all my life and I am proud to say, I still am. But I do indulge in them whenever I am at Mom’s or at the spa. Then I am an all nature’s gal, for obvious reasons.

Another grouse against nature’s cure is that it takes a long time and isn’t that what we are up against?  ‘Time’s a healer’ is a misnomer in the beauty sense. I am not suggesting anything as drastic as gene therapy which could set you back by half a million US dollars, but making use of technological progress which is able to separate, segregate & concentrate nature’s bounty which I can squeeze into the palm of my hand and apply on my face.

Technology is advancing very fast and affordable anti-aging would soon be inexpensive and be the order of the day and youth will be served out in a bottle, but until then I am trusting my Royal Expert®product range. They have the complete range of Scrub-Cleanse-moisturizer-protect regimen which I follow.

Mine is a minimalist approach where less is more and I incorporate a healthy fruit/vegetable diet, exercising and a smile into my routine other than the regular skin care dig.

My eyes are my best feature and caring for them through eye cream is a routine I don’t miss. In an earlier post we had discussed about our skin types and how to care for each. Here I am making a case for human innovation to nature’s cure which I have found to work quicker. I find most anti-aging magic-cures too fanciful having been lured by them into all kinds of experiments with one of them giving me a rash before a very important event.

I am of an investigative bent of mind but also an upbeat ‘I will try it at least once’ kind of a person and having tried them all; some I am too embarrassed to admit, I have found the OEW group quite to my liking.

They source out natural botanical high impact producing ingredients like a tasteful sounding Bioferment, a very Korean Yoshino Cherry Leaf (remember my earlier post about how Koreans rule the roost when it comes to the beauty industry?), a very scientific Leontopdium Alpinum Extract, a romantic Heart-leaved globe daisy, etc.

Do Google them if such details interest you. I certainly did, and gained a world of knowledge. Another request, if I may! Do not believe anything blindly especially when it concerns the beauty industry where the pendulum of wildly exaggerated claims run into embarrassing circles. NOT EVEN ME. Period.

I experimented extensively, buying into all kinds of schemes and discounts many a times with funny consequences. I was forced to miss an important event as I mentioned earlier because of a resultant beauty product rash, even though being blessed with excellent skin, I never had any such ailments. The max I can do is to shorten your learning curve.

A case of once bitten twice shy, I refuse to take any claims at face value and had become very circumspect before I was introduced to the Royal Expert®product range. Finally I found a company which believed in constant innovation backed with cutting edge technology with expertise that really cares.

If you take nothing away from this post other than not to take any claims at face value, then my time has been well spent and yours too. Now that I have got the disclaimer out of the way, let’s dive into the next post which gives a blow by blow account of what plagues us 30-plus women and what specific remedies can we apply to stop advancing age.

A peep into the anti-aging secret – you need to do only 2 things…. that’s right, just two very easy everyday things and your perceptual age is drastically reduced!

See you on the other side. Thanks. Cheers!