Beware of counterfeit products sold online

Remember my post about imitation being the ultimate form of flattery? Well generally speaking it is but not when safety is compromised as it was in this case.

Pride in their products

You see OEW Group has built up a solid reputation in the field of beauty products. It is a hard earned position and well deserved too. Starting with a single whitening cream, its present day status is 20 successful, trusted products across a wide spectrum of people across countries over two product lines. Now that is no mean feat especially considering the multinational behemoths and a constant stream of wannabe hopefuls flooding the beauty products market.

They assiduously built a network of ethical, hardworking distributors since 2009 to reach that exalted status of trust. It was built brick by solid brick, dealer by dealer, distributor by distributor to grow into a conglomerate spanning continents.

Their Motto itself bespeaks of their lofty ideals – Growing Together, Bridging Opportunities, and Transforming Lives. Their mission advocates a holistic quality lifestyle where health, beauty and wellbeing are enjoyed by everyone.

Issue that cropped up

It was with a shock I woke up one fine morning in April this year to rumors of Royal Expert® Whitening Cream being unsafe on social media. Refusing to believe such rubbish not the least because I am not just an unabashed admirer but a regular user too, I strived to find out the truth and came across the following issued in the public interest by the officials of OEW Group: “We have confirmed that the product tested by HEALTH SCIENCES AUTHORITY, SINGAPORE (HSA) was purchased on an e-commerce platform and NOT through OEW Group’s Authorized Dealer. OEW Group does not supply to Singapore as our dealers are bound contractually to only distribute all OEW products within Malaysia and our dealers are also banned from selling through any third party e-Commerce mediums.”

Heaving a sign of relief, I went about my daily chores but I realized that this malaise runs much deeper. There are many unscrupulous elements wanting to cash in on the popularity of a product and the poor customer for no fault of his has to bear the brunt and suffer.

And therin lay the idea for a post which was to educate and inform my readers about counterfeiting and how to not be a victim. I have already shared the 4 step process to verify the genuineness of any product in my earlier post.

How to address it

All you need to do is scan the QR Code on your smart phone or tablet, enter the 7 digit code and follow simple instructions on the landing page.

Customers are also encouraged to verify their authentic source by simply entering the dealer’s contact number at .

This is not a new issue though and there has been many counterfeit and imitation Royal Expert® Products in the market and each time the OEW Group have had to roll up their sleeves, get to work and take concrete steps to resolve it.

The buck stops where?

I think the responsibility lies with all of us – the manufacturers, dealers and the customers too. We must understand that spurious stuff will injure the consumer, betray his trust and wean him off the brand. So who’s to lose? Everyone loses I say.

The customer gets hurt and drops the brand, the dealer gets less sales, consequently the manufacturer has less orders and the spiral goes on and on leading to all round destruction.

While in an earlier post I had gone to a great extend to educate the customer, it is the dealer’s responsibility too as elucidated above. So the onus is not just on the consumer but on a dealer too. It is in the dealer’s best interest to ensure that no spurious imitation gets sold, thereby ruining his own business in the long run.

Buying from Authorized Dealers is the solution

OEW Group is lucky to have a loyal band of dealers who wouldn’t even dream of doing such a thing and that indeed is its greatest strength.

OEW Group’s dealers are a close knit proud community and they are working overtime to ensure that unauthorized dealers do not get to sell Royal Expert® Products. In fact Royal Expert® Group places such trust in it’s dealers that each Authorized OEW dealer has a special code and number which identifies him distinctly.

So what are we as die-hard Royal Expert® users to do? Continue being vigilant especially when buying online off unauthorized dealers and to check the authenticity as I have mentioned. Stay informed. Stay safe. Stay beautiful. Ciao!