Royal Expert® Papaya Soap

Royal Expert® Papaya Soap


Category:   SOAP

Function: Exfoliates & purifies skin

Customer gender: Unisex

Age range:  17 years old and above


Size: 100g




Propylene Glycol

  • Propylene glycol is a small organic alcohol commonly used as a skin conditioning agent
  • Skin-Conditioning Agent
  • keeps skin supple and healthy.
  • offer emollient(soothing) and anti-aging action
  • help in controlling acne.


Carica Papaya (Papaya) Peel Extract

  • Papayapeel extract makes an effective, nonabrasive exfoliant.
  • An enzymein the fruit, papain, helps to remove impurities and slough away dead skin cells
  • Help to fade acne spots, scars, and sun damage.


Cocos Nucifera(Coconut) Oil

  • Coconut oil is extracted from the kernels of the seeds of coconot palm, Cocos nucifera.
  • suits all skin types
  • light, non-greasy
  • absorbed giving deep hydration
  • conditioning to skin,
  • improve skin elasticity helping prevent premature ageing and wrinkle formation



This papaya soap gently exfoliates the dead cells and helps to remove impurities for a softer and smoother skin. Papaya contains papain enzyme which helps to brighten the skin and reduce dark spots appearance. Coconut Oil helps in hydrating and balancing the skin’s natural moisture.  Gluthathione and Forsythia Extract, is rich in antioxidant, helps to rejuvenate and even out the skin tone, while collagen firms and tightens the skin. This soap will reveals a radiant, brighter and youthful complexion.



Step 1

Rub the soap directly onto your clean hands, and then use your hands to apply the soap to your face. Be very careful not to get any soap in your eyes.

Step 2

Massage the soap into your skin for a maximum of 30 seconds, using small circular motions. Press gently with the pads of your fingers when washing your face. Rubbing too hard will irritate your skin and may cause tiny tears in the delicate tissues around your eyes and nose.


Rinse your face with lukewarm water until it is completely clear of soap. Do this by cupping your hands and splashing clean water directly onto your face with your eyes closed. Do not use cold water to rinse your face, because it’s less effective at removing soap than warm water.

Step 4

Use a clean, soft towel to pat your face dry. Do not rub your skin. Feel your skin for any traces of soap residue, which can dry your skin or trigger acne breakouts if not rinsed away.

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