Royal Expert® Now Comes with QR Code to Fight Against Fake Products

Nothing comes for FREE. Everything has a price. Even being famous is not beyond it. And we paid the price for Popularity! In April & May of 2017.

Imitation is flattery. But there are times when it is not. And this was one such time!

An unscrupulous manufacturer copied our product. It did cause loss of revenue, but greater than that, more than even the ethical issue was their stretching that delicate of bonds – of TRUST & SAFETY that got our goat.

We did damage control off course. Our team immediately swung into action and working beyond the scope of duty recalled every Royal Expert® Whitening cream of April and May 2017. We got as much of the batch as we could lay our hands on. We also took to press Ads as also social media and going against the grain of smart-business we publicized and let the world know of this dastardly activity.

Damage-control done, we now want to take this opportunity to educate our esteemed product users on the QR code for each genuine Royal Expert® in our persistent effort to fight fake products.

But before that, we want to thank our esteemed patrons who stood by us and believed in us and co-operated splendidly to help us surf out of this vexing issue.

We take pride in our products which use natural ingredients curated out of nature by years of research and testing. Our Research Laboratories are in a constant endeavor to deliver superior quality at an affordable price. The Quality Control department is peopled by the most diligent we could find that doesn’t let one inferior product pass their discerning tests.

In a bid to ensure genuineness of our products, we have QR coded our OEW products. All it takes is the following 4 steps process.

Step 1: Scratch clean the QR code on top of the box until it reveals the full code and the 7 digit verification number.

Step 2: Look for the QR code scanner on your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have that, no sweat; just download it off Google Play or Apple Store depending on the make of your device. When you scan the QR code, you will be directed to Royal Expert’s verification page.

Step 3: On the landing page ENTER the 7 digit number to verify the QR code.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the page and be at ease as the genuineness is successfully verified. Additional personal information maybe required if there is an on-going contest or lucky draw!

A Reminder: Be sure that the QR code is not scratched when you purchase your Royal Expert Smooth and Clear pack.

4 steps and that’s all it takes to have peace of mind! Rid yourself of all worries right out of the window. Brighten your day, lighten your life; enjoy using your Royal Expert Smooth and Clear.

Continuing with our update on counterfeit products, we have confirmed that the product tested on Health Sciences Authority, Singapore (HSA) was purchased on an e-commerce platform and NOT through our OEW Group’s Authorized Dealer. OEW has banned their dealers from selling through any third party e-commerce mediums.

The price as we mentioned we have had to pay is a continuous one because of the effectiveness and popularity of our products and we OEWians have to be constantly on our guard. We encourage you to verify the source of purchase to be an Authorized OEW Dealer which can be easily done by simply entering the dealer’s contact number at or by the 4 step process we mentioned earlier.

As a parting gesture to allay any or all fears, it is pertinent to state that all OEW Group’s products are certified by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) Malaysia and is not only safe but also dermatologically tested and proven effective before they leave our factory.

Now that I have addressed this vexing counterfeiting issue, it’s time to move on to the serious issue of beauty; but it would need to be on the next writing as this post is already way too long. Until then be safe and stay beautiful!