Royal Expert® Products are safe to use and free from harmful chemicals

Remember in an earlier post I had told you it is better to be safe than sorry? It doesn’t stem just from the fact that I am safety gal or am too circumspect. FYI I live life fully, boldly and with full vigor. I have been up Mount Bromo and Mount Kinabalu, two of the tallest mountains in this part of the world.


I have enjoyed white water rafting, kayaking, but I love my corporate job too. Looking good IS important, but being healthy is more so. Taking care of your health will automatically in great measure take care of your skin too. Eating healthy, exercising, walks in nature, sleep, therapeutic massages all have an important place in my beauty regimen.


So in this world of competition and counterfeiting, it becomes very pertinent to ask if your cosmetic is killing you. And I do mean it in a literal sense because if your cosmetic contains harmful chemicals like Paraben, Hydroquinone, and Mercury among many such ingredients, it could be slow poison. Do not be fooled by the immediate results they give you.


Some relevant words of caution


Mercury and the harm it causes:

A high amount of mercury will give you an immediate relief from dark patches, but we warned that Mercury is difficult to get rid of from the body and once it accumulates to dangerous proportions; it could damage your kidney.


Metalloestrogens (Mercury is just one of them) are heavy metals like lead, aluminum, arsenic, zinc, iron, etc., are linked to hormonal changes. They are usually found in lip products, eye liner, color foundations, sunscreen, eye shadows, blush, moisturizers, eye drops, etc., and are generally used as sweat inhibitors, whiteners & lightening agents.


Hydroquinone’s evil agenda:

Same advice is pertinent when it comes to Hydroquinone too. It is THE POSTER BOY of fairness creams because of its effectiveness in lightening your skin in a matter of just days.


But high levels of it are toxic to cells and may even cause cancer. Other ill effects of it are worsening of thyroid disorders and damage to the liver.


Paraben’s ill-effects:

Paraben is widely used in cosmetics as a preservative. But contemporary researched has told us that it is responsible for endocrine disruption which is responsible for the early onset of puberty, and in some cases even breast cancer and decreased sperm count.


Parabens are generally found in water-based products like body wash, hair wash, sunscreen and even skin care lotion, so do take note when using such products.


Enough of toxicity; let’s go towards positivity

I am a gung-ho gal, upbeat and positive about most things. But there are some things as a socially aware citizen I must do. But I also know the law of attraction which says you will attract what you think about and toxicity is one thing I don’t want to attract. I don’t want toxic people or products in my life. Period.


Royal Expert® products off course do not contain Paraben, Mercury or Hydroquinone which is a big relief but that is the not the point here. My effort here is not to sing the praises of one brand and criticize the other. This is a sincere attempt to educate on how in a blind rush to be more fair without ascertaining the ingredients can be a sure recipe for disaster.


Talking about positives, since I use Royal Expert® products, I will talk about a substance present in Royal Expert® Smooth & Clear Skin Lightening Cream called Glutathione.


Glutathione – Body’s undisputed Hero for antioxidants and skin whitening:

Glutathione is a wonderful naturally occurring resource which does a yeoman’s job as an antioxidant in the body. It helps re-galvanize and revitalize the skin to its healthy youthful glory.


How does glutathione help skin?

  1. It inhibits the skin’s propensity to overproduce melanin thereby lightening skin & dark spots
  2. It does micro exfoliation (skin peeling) thereby reducing pimples
  3. Because it does microdermabrasion, it smoothens and softens skin
  4. Fast-tracks skin cell generation by promoting growth
  5. It is a major antioxidant produced by the body.
  6. Treats skin problems like melisma, hyperpigmentation, acne scars also.

This wonder ingredient glutathione is a solace indeed and boy am I glad my regular skin regimen products have it in adequate measure!

Let me leave you with a few parting suggestions. Always look for authentic beauty products, check their ingredients religiously, ensure they do not contain the above mentioned prohibited ingredients, buy only from authorized dealers, check QR code as mentioned in an earlier post, do a rigorous patch test before trusting it into regular use.

Be safe, be healthy, be beautiful! Cheers!