WHAT IS MY SKIN TYPE – the easy way! (Complete skin care regimen in order)

Serums first, sunscreens last. That’s a no brainer. My kid sister knows that, having watched ‘yours truly’ in action umpteen times. But if I were to present a hamper of 15 products, even a seasoned beautician will have her head in a tizzy unless she is Korean, for Koreans are masters at it.

Layering is as much an art as is science. The ‘art’ side is where looks, feel, ‘my shade of pink’, etc., come into play. It is science too ‘coz not all products jell well together and therein lies a tale; which tale I am gonna narrate in this post.

Before I start, a ton of thanks for all your comments and feedback to my last post. Keep ‘em coming. They give me a pick-me-up and ego boost among other things, just faffin’; but it does let me on to the topics you are interested in. Seriously, you gurls are the raison d’être of my existence other than my BFF who I have known since kindergarten. Armed with my Royal Expert® Complete skin regimen pack, Cappuccino and laptop I am equal to any challenge. Let’s dive into this one.

1. Cleanser
2. Scrub
3. Exfoliator
4. Toner
5. Mask
6. Eye cream
7. Serum
8. Facial Oil
9. Acne Treatment
10. Moisturizer
11. Sunscreen – is my regimen.

What’s yours? No way!!

When I say ‘no way’, I do not mean that such a regimen doesn’t exist or is not good; just that it’s not mine. I off course had tried the whole gamut of combos searching for the Holy Grail but years later, wiser for the effort, I know it doesn’t exist.

Being always on the go kind of girl, but vain on my looks too (haha, but tell me which girl isn’t), I looked for a magic potion which has all of the above in one lotion and that doesn’t exist either – something to do with chemistry they say.

But I did stumble on something very interesting and you peeps are gonna know about it. Now. It’s a complete beauty regimen with just 4 products! And these 4 combine the goodness and effectiveness of the 11 I elucidated earlier! Isn’t that something??

1. Scrub – Lather well, massage face gently in small circles as you pull faces in the mirror and rinse. Hehe, its important that this be fun and that’s a skin-secret recipe too. Royal Expert® Facial Scrub, is my preferred way of unclogging my pores. Seemingly the nutrients are better absorbed if I do an occasional scrub with it. It not only reduces my skin irritations but gives me a breezy moisturizing feel. I need to use this baby just twice a week. But that may be because I am lucky to have normal skin (remember the earlier article about skin types?).

2. Cleanser – That you need to clean up after a hard day’s work is an absolute given. Remember the clean slate we spoke about?

There are some who go to the extent of using 2 cleansers; oil–based to remove oily make-up and water based for…. you guessed it–water based make up. This really makes sense if you’ve just come off a Cinderella play with you playing …… the sinfully made up evil step–sister… sorry girls you got this wrong as… continuing with our story, as oil repels water and rather than having to scrap off the last vestiges of that fearsome countenance which could harm the facial skin, use both.

I use Royal Expert® Facial Cleanser, on a daily basis. It not only removes dead skins, bacteria, dust, make-up but it also helps my skin’s oxygen intake and helps absorb other nutrients says my beautician. It doubles as an exfoliate too. Very convenient for a girl on the go.

3. Moisturizer with sunscreen for the Day

I may miss any of the above if I am in a hurry, but never my moisturizer. It helps keep my skin hydrated and protects my skin too. And my absolute favorite which I always carry around is Royal Expert® Smooth & Clear Skin Lightening Cream.

4. Moisturizer for the Night
And off course as I retire for my beauty sIeep, I go for the not-to-be-missed essential protein. Royal Expert® Advanced Brightening Cream works on my complexion even when I am dead to the world.

Now, wasn’t that a breeze?

I explained the most important four, but there are people who layer upto 10 sometimes 12 which I feel is really unnecessary. I actually know of none who does, but I have heard stories of Koreans who do. And their complexions look gorgeous too, but layering unless done real properly is a complete waste. There is not much benefit your skin can garner above the 4 I mentioned.

Another rule you need to remember which I mentioned earlier too but is worth repeating is that not all products go well together. Even though they may be extracted from natural herbs and may have clinically tested safe ingredients, you must remember that there is an element of chemistry in all this. So it’s best not to combine different brands unless your product doesn’t have the whole regimen. I for one am more than contended with the Royal Expert® Complete skin regimen pack.