WHAT IS MY SKIN TYPE – the easy way!

There are different skin types and it’s important to know which is yours. Only once you identify this, will you be able to come up with a skin-regimen that ensures smooth, radiant, glowing skin which is the hallmark of any healthy individual.

Are we the lucky ones blessed with normal skin which has the right balance of fluids and oils, waltzing through life without having to have a beauty regimen? Or are we high maintenance individuals with oily, dry or sensitive skin?

With the vagaries of weather, atmospheric pollution, not-so-healthy diets or sleep patterns and UVs from the sun playing spoil-sport compounded by a skin’s perennial enemy – advancing age, even normal skin does need care.

With an avalanche of information on the net, not to speak of the so-called-experts out there(friends/news casters) pitching in with a less than healthy overload of confusing unhelpful suggestions, even though it is not rocket science, finding our skin type does seem daunting.

Let’s demystify it by an easy to follow, step by step process.

Step 1: Clean your slate.

It always helps to start from ground zero. Use Royal Expert® Facial Cleanser to get rid of all or any makeup. Royal Expert® Facial Cleanser is gentle in its working and will also cleanse your face of dirt and oil.

Step 2: Water – the magic elixir.

Have some warm and cold water ready. First up, splash some warm water on your face to open the pores. Pour Royal Expert® Facial Scrub onto the palms of your hand, rub it with your fingers onto every part of your face in gentle circular motions and then rinse it with warm water. Follow it up with a cold water splash to close your cleansed pores. Pat it dry with a clean towel.

Step 3: Do not rush.

Good things take time. Wait for an hour and as you wait, do not touch your face even by mistake.

Now that we are done with the pre-test prep work, let’s begin the test.

Test 1: The Feel Test.     

Smile or scowl depending on the kind of person you are. Just kidding.  A smile would do even though you use lesser muscles. In fact this test is to be done in stages as you await the completion of one hour. If after immediately washing, your face feels stretched or taut then you most definitely have dry skin and if it feels normal and clean, then your skin type is most probably oily.

If the T area (forehead, chin & nose) feels nice and clean but your cheeks feel stretched, you have combination skin. Sensitive skin will react with a rash or scaly feel, but not if you have used our Royal Expert® Facial Cleanser!

If you feel the same immediately after the wash as also after an hour has passed, congratulations! You have normal skin and life’s a breeze and your skin doesn’t need any special care other than the usual Royal Expert® Moisturizing Lotion depending on the weather and UV protection if you are going out in the sun.

Test 2: The Look Test.      

All you need to do is place yourself in front the mirror and look. It is to be done in 2 parts.

  1. If your face looks shiny, then your skin is indeed oily and if it’s red or flaky then it’s dry. If the T junction and cheeks look different, then it’s a combination skin.
  2. If your pores are small, you have normal skin and if you can’t see any, they it’s dry. Now take a step back and if you can still see your pores, it’s oily skin that you have. If after stepping back, you can see pores on some part of your face and not the other, then the verdict is – combination skin type.

Test 3: The touch test.

Wash your hands thoroughly, dry them, close your eyes and touch your face with the tip of your fingers. If it feels smooth all around, you have normal skin. If it feels extra smooth or it feels oily as you rub the fingers against each other, most decidedly you have oily skin. If it feels different in different parts of your face, then you have combination skin which is what most people have.

Test 4: Tissue paper test.                                                                                                                                      

Dab a clean tissue paper on different parts of your face. Each dabbing is to be with a new tissue off course. If you find the tissue paper oily in all parts, then you have oily skin, if nary a blotch then it’s normal or dry. If the tissue doesn’t glide easily then it definitely is dry. If it’s patchy then combination skin is the answer.

Bonus Test: The pinch test.

But we don’t recommend you do it to the face. If you pinch your side arm and it returns to normal immediately you have oily or normal skin and if the depression lasts for a few seconds, then dry is the verdict.

The ultimate test: Go-to-dermatologist test.  

What can be more conclusive than visiting a dermatologist and have her opinion? I admit I pulled a fast one on you, but if any of the tests above are inconclusive or you are confused for any reason, then visit-the-dermatologist test is what will answer your questions definitively.

Now that we know our skin type, how do we care for it? Well that’s an easy one. With Love your Skin – Royal Expert® Complete Skin Care Regime’s wide range of exciting product, it’s a cinch. Go to the next article to find out.